Slow Session

Der Termin im März entfällt wegen der Corona-Krise

Ein neuer Termin steht noch nicht fest.

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Jigs, Reels and Co. in langsamer bis mittlerer Geschwindigkeit., auch gerne unter Mithilfe von Notenvorlagen.

Diesmal ein Set Dance und ein Jig:


bisherige Tunes:

Reels Banshee, The
Boyne Hunt, The
Chicago, The
Christmas Eve
Cup of Tea, The
Duke of Leinster, The
Fermoy Lasses
Gravel Walks
Hare in the Heather, The
Jackie Coleman's
Julia Delaney
Maid Behind the Bar, The
Mason's Apron, The
Mountain Road, The
Old Copperplate, The
Rakish Paddy
Salamanca, The
Sally Gardens, The
Silver Spear, The
Sligo Maid, The
Star of Munster, The
Swallow's Tail, The
Temperance Reel, The
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The
Wise Maid, The
Jigs Banish Misfortune
Blackthorne Stick, The
Blarney Pilgrim, The
Connaughtman's Rambles
Cliffs of Moher, The
Cook in the Kitchen, The
Donnybrook Fair
Geese in the Bog, The
Halloween Jig
Humours of Glendart
Kesh, The
Lark in the Morning, The
Lilting Banshee
My Darling Asleep
Out on the Ocean
Rambling Pitchfork, The
Saddle the Pony
Smash the Windows
Tenpenny Bit, The
Tom Billy's
Tripping up the Stairs
Hornpipes Boys of Bluehill, The
Chief O'Neill's
Harvest Home
Liverpool, The
Rights of Man, The
Slip Jigs Butterfly, The
Hardiman The Fiddler
Kid on the Mountain, The
Polkas Bill Sullivan's
Breeches Full of Stitches
Denis Murphy's
Maggie in the Woods
Maids of Ardagh, The
Peg Ryan's
Slides Road to Lisdoonvarna, The
Brosna Slide, The
Marches Brian Boru's
Set Dances King of the Fairies

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